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Here’s to the crazy ones :)

March 15, 2011

I like this a lot.

Its from the 1998 Apple ‘Think different’ marketing campaign.

See wikipedia for more on ‘Think Different’:


Microsoft profits tumble: Big switch tipping point?

May 1, 2009

Is this the Tipping Point from on-premise software to software as a service? On the same week Microsoft announced a 32% drop in profits Apple reported sky rocketing profits.  Still the Redmond giant has a long way to fall. It makes a cool $1b Nett profit every single day! However, this is a striking contrast in fortunes during a recession. The downturn is acting as a catalyst of change and speeding up the Big Switch to cloud software services. The way we access and use technology applications is changing.

falling-stack-of-coins2At the heart of Apple’s iPhone success is the App Store and iTunes. Apple is successfully up-ending how music is distributed and how mobile phones are used. Microsoft’s poor financial results also follows the closing down of Microsoft Encarta last month. Microsoft gave up the fight because its traditional software could no longer compete with the likes of Wikipedia. The good and bad news keeps coming thick and fast. Only two months ago the SaaS CRM provider reported a 34% increased in revenues and broke the philological $1b revenue barrier.

Its far too early to write Microsoft off but can the giant keep up with the increasing rate of change? Microsoft has rarely lead from the front but they have turned around and court up in the past. Microsoft’s response to the Cloud Computing Big Switch is Azure. The challenge for Microsoft will be to move away from its reliance on software licence revenues to a service based model. I’m not entirely sure they will be able to pull this one off..

Contemporary retail store architecture

March 31, 2009

I continue to be fascinated by Contemporary building architecture. Retail store architecture has really caught my eye. Against much initial skepticism in 2001 Apple has been successful with their retail stores. Today Apple has 251 across the global.


Apple has been innovating retail architecture with designs like the New York Fifth Ave store (above) by Ronnette Riley & Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, openned 2006. Other more traditional fashion retailers have now joined in with redesigning their store exterior’s:


Swatch, Tokyo store by Japanese
Shigeru Ban, opened 2007


Prada, Tokyo store by Herzog
& de Meuron
, opened 2003

Like Steve Jobs, Japanese architects (Tadeo AndoShigeru Ban) and developers are pushing the boundaries of convention by experimenting with new ideas.