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What am I on..?

November 13, 2012

It’s been a good while (too Long) since I’ve blogged last.

I’ve been a little busy. I love cycling. And Lance’s indiscretions (yet to be admitted or truly evidenced) have not gone un-noticed. I was told by several to burn his book. A little too ‘war’ like I felt.

But where there is smoke there is fire they say. This situation brings me to a strong memory of Lance and an Nike Ad where is said:

“What am I on, I’m on my bike six hours a day busting my arse, what are you on…”

If it’s all true, which seems likely at this point, then what a total hypocrite!! I understand the need to achieve BUT not turning to cheating.

One way or another, time now or later, justice will be severed.

Damn shame!

Sleep well Lance…


Tour De France 2009 & business: Competition is a good thing

July 29, 2009

The Tour De France epic is over again for another year. And what an epic it was.  The 2009 Tour had more competition than you could shake a stick at!! Lance Armstrong was back after a four year retirement to show us he is still made of the right stuff.  There were seconds between most of the leaders in the final week. And the last real stage (20) finished decisively on a mountain top.

Mark Cavendish TdF 6th Stage Win

Mark Cavendish magnificently winning the final Paris stage
taking this years total to 6 stage wins and 10 overall.

It may not always feel this way but competition is a good thing. In sport and business competition brings out the best in our abilities. Competitors help us focus on a target, drives our strategy and  brings determination to succeed.

Teamwork wins everytime in business & sport

August 29, 2008

The Tour of Ireland (ToI) cycle road race started this week with the now legendary British cyclist Mark Cavendish (Cav) winning the first two stages. Cav won an historic four sprint finish stage wins at this years Tour De France (TdF). During the TdF and ToI post stage victory interviews Cav attributed his wins to the support and effort of his team, Team Columbia.

The overall winner of the the 2008 TdF Carlos Sastre was also really well supported by a very strong and well managed Team (CSC). Many non-cyclists don’t realise the importance of teamwork in cycling. Cycling is a team sport. The team helps to shield their best riders from the wind to conserve energy for the finish.

Me & my team (snap, crack & pop..)  on this years amateur Tour of Ireland

I rode the amateur The Kellogg’s Tour of Ireland this year with 220 other riders at the start line. I always really enjoy cycling on the emerald isle. The Irish are such warm, fun and friendly people and the scenery is lovely. It was a wonderful trip with support vehicles, police (Garda) escorts, crowds and closed town centre finishes. It felt like you were a real pro cyclist.

Once again I see the parallels between sport and business. Great success in business and sport is dependant on outstanding teamwork built through trust, sacrifice and commitment.

1st Olympic Gold: All good things to thoughs that wait

August 10, 2008

Olympic mania is upon us. Nicole Cooke won a Gold in the Women’s Olympic cycle road race today in an exciting sprint finish in heavy rain. This is Britain’s first ever medal in Olympic road racing and the UK’s first medal at the Beijing Olympics. Congratulations to Nicole.

Nicole Cooke coming first over the finish line

Nicole was a disappointing 5th in the 2004 Athens Olympics. As in business and sport it takes enormous determination and patience to keep going through the challenging set backs and conditions to finish or even win. This is especially true of cycling in heavy rain. I completed the three day Tour of Wessex this year which only 95 finished from the 750 starters because of two days of torrential rain.

Revolution or evolution in business & sport

July 27, 2008

The Tour De France is over again and for the third successive year there is a different winner, Carlos Sastre. There was no clear winner through the race. In the end it was a close thing with the favourite Cadel Evans coming second. After three years a new multi tour winner has not emerged to fill the void left by Lance Armstrong.

Carlos Sastre in the final decisive individual time trial

Lances’ legacy remains strong with many reminders of his great wins and survivals throughout this years tour. When Lance became a Tour superpower everyone was out to topple him until he retired in 2005. Over time a new dominating Tour superpower will no doubt emerge. In sport and business revolution or evolution is always a constant.