More about me

I’m originally from Cambridge (England not Massachusetts). Today I work in Nottingham, UK from The Nottingham University startup facilities. Since a boy I’ve always had a passion for technology whether gaming, design or software. I’ve now worked in the Tech industry for over 20 years.

I started out in sales and moved through marketing, pre-sales and product management roles. In my time I’ve worked for fast growing startups, boutique consultancies and global software manufacturers. I’ve lived in London for a while and traveled the world. After leaving  employment back in 2007 to do an MBA I then co-founded a startup software company that will change the world.

When I have some spare time away from our startup I love having fun with my kids or going out on my road bike.


4 Responses to “More about me”

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    […] I’ve also removed the ‘About’ page on this blog and updated the ‘Who am I’ without reference to […]

  2. Tony Neal Says:

    Hey Nick

    Interesting site, I have enjoyed reading about your new startup.
    I thought that you may wish to know that the links all seem to come up with “Muttley” errors – seems like the trackback stuff is broken.

    Anyway, let’s catch up soon


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  4. Feeling Inspired | Says:

    […] a few introductions the event began with a presentation from Nick Barker, who talked about his experiences starting up a business using his own company, Aware Monitoring, […]

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