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What am I on..?

November 13, 2012

It’s been a good while (too Long) since I’ve blogged last.

I’ve been a little busy. I love cycling. And Lance’s indiscretions (yet to be admitted or truly evidenced) have not gone un-noticed. I was told by several to burn his book. A little too ‘war’ like I felt.

But where there is smoke there is fire they say. This situation brings me to a strong memory of Lance and an Nike Ad where is said:

“What am I on, I’m on my bike six hours a day busting my arse, what are you on…”

If it’s all true, which seems likely at this point, then what a total hypocrite!! I understand the need to achieve BUT not turning to cheating.

One way or another, time now or later, justice will be severed.

Damn shame!

Sleep well Lance…