Growing up!

Our startup, Aware Monitoring, is moving up in the world – we’ve relocated desks from our old hot desk facility to our very own desks. This event may sound trivial but it’s not. It’s a significant milestone in our evolution.

We’ve now got our own phones, our  very own sign at the front door and permanent desks! This move is  happening just as we are looking for our 1st employee. These really are exiting times for our startup. I’ll miss the old office but it will be great to have our own space. I’ve not had my own desk since leaving employment way back in 2006.

We’ve been using The Nottingham University UNIEI incubator hotdesk facility since September 2008. The new desks are still in the same building. Nottingham University have been good to us. They’ve  supported our startup and helped us grow. I first posted about our website monitoring startup idea – ‘Our new software baby is on its way’, back in January 2009 with baby Jack-Jack imagery (The incredibles, Pixar). We’re now growing up  😉 It’s great to be moving onto the next level.

Next stop – break-even and our very own offices!!


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8 Responses to “Growing up!”

  1. Chris Mahon Says:

    Great stuff Nick! Congrats! Good to hear you’ll still be close by though. See you soon.

  2. Nick Barker Says:

    Thanks Chris.

  3. Maggie Rouse Says:

    Hi Nick, Hope the move went well and you are now settled. Anything I can help with just let me know. See you soon.

    • Nick Barker Says:

      Hi Maggie, It’s very quiet in the new office and strange to have a desk again after all this time. Thanks Maggie

  4. Dan Edge Says:

    It’s great to see the business is in a position to make this step Nick and I’m sure it’s a good move. We’re only down the corridor so don’t be a stranger!

  5. Nick Barker Says:

    Thanks for the comment Dan. Looking forward to the future for Aware Monitoring!

  6. Ann Vickers Says:

    It’s great to see you moving to the next level and I’m sure that you will soon be in your very own office.
    Let me know when the office Party is? I may even bake you a cake


  7. Nick Barker Says:

    Hi Ann, Thanks for your support! Office party next week 🙂 Cake sounds great!

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