Aware Monitoring Employee number 1!

It’s been a heroic effort by my CTO co-founder Simon Oxley in building our website and web app monitoring service. Over the past year and a half we’re engaged with development companies, freelancers and students to help us build our app.

We’re now on the market for our 1st full-time developer to help take Aware Monitoring to the next level 🙂 It certainly will be an extremely exciting and dynamic place to work. Our employee numero uno will have the chance make a real difference in the company and to the world!!

Slide not included (Google’s Zürich offices)

If you are looking for an extremely exciting, challenging and rewarding role look no further! Ideally we’re looking for developers with some Django and Python experience. Its OK if these skills are in there infancy. What we really need is individuals with a solid work ethic and the desire to learn!

If you have some of the skills we need and want to find out more drop us a line at


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One Response to “Aware Monitoring Employee number 1!”

  1. John Says:

    Hi Guys
    Do you really aspire to have a snake slide like that one!
    Will it be management sliding down to pawns, or the other way around. Interesting. Could be a fabulous way to receive your P45
    John, in sunny Guernsey

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