So-long Cancer Dude

It saddens me to bring the news that Jeffrey Walker aka Cancer Dude has lost his final battle against cancer. Jeffrey was my blogging inspiration and mentor. His RadioWalker blog images, humor and personal approach has greatly inspired my blog writing. In many ways he was my blogging Godfather.

Jeffrey Walker
Jeffrey jamming

Simon, my co-founder, and I met Jeffrey in June 2008 at The Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, USA. Even before then Jeffrey commented on my blog. Jeffrey warmly welcomed Simon and I to the Enterprise 2.0 community. In January 2009 when I started to loose the blogging faith and reflected on my first years blogging Jeffrey responded. He said “Be yourself. Let your personality through. Oh, and keep the images. And keep the faith, dude.”

Earlier this year when I heard Jeffrey’s cancer was back for the third time I wrote one of my favorite posts on fear, uncertainty and doubt. Within this post I refer to Jeffrey’s latest battle against cancer. Again, Jeffrey commented so nicely saying “Thanks for the kind thoughts. I really appreciate it. I am doing well.”

I did not know Jeffrey particularly well, however I consider him a friend. I found him a very kind, fun loving and passionate man. Jeffrey had a thirst for life and living. When I interviewed Jeffrey last year I saw a man who enjoyed every little experience and everything he saw. Life is so short. Jeffrey’s death is a reminder to us all on how brief our lives are and how we can live our lives. We can choose to live like Jeffrey with “zest and  passion” as his family said.

Jeffrey’s last words to me were “Live Strong”. It seems to me that Jeffrey burned so very brightly and its always better to burn brightly than fade away.

So-long Cancer Dude!!


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