Learning is the source

I’m starting to sound like a Brad Sugars fan.  The thing is he makes some good sense. Brad seems to have a strong understanding of people and business. This was learnt from being an entrepreneur since a teenager. He’s put this knowledge to good use and has been successful.

Like me, Brad has a passion for learning. In this video Brad talks about the five stages of learning to truly become an entrepreneur:  (0) Employee (1) Self employed (2) Manager (3) Owner (4) Investor & (5) Entrepreneur.

CAUTION: Brad will try and sign you up to his coaching service

I have repeatedly talked about the importance of learning in this blog: ‘The spirit of Entrepreneurship‘ being in us all; learning how to pitch an idea through repeatedly trying and failing; learning  to over come your fears to live your dreams; Rachel Elnaugh’s learning experiences; and anyone can learn to be a designer.

The one thing we can’t make more of is time and learning takes time. If your not fulfilling your learning potential start now. Learning is the source in life!! 😉


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