Learning to blog: Nickpoint 2.0

New Year’s resolution time. Since starting this blog nine months ago I’ve published 37 posts, received 48 comments and had 1000’s of visits. I now ask myself five things:

  1. What have I learnt?
  2. Has it been worth it?
  3. Should I continue?
  4. What should I change?
  5. What should I do differently in 2009?

A very fine Nickpoint by Katsushika Hokusai (Great Wave off Kanagawa)

1. What have I learnt? I’ve learnt to be more open about myself, although I have found this difficult. Simon Wardley is good at writing openly what he thinks. I ‘ve learnt the importance of selecting good titles for the Web Crawler’s. My most popular post is in the top three search results for ‘New Media Channels’ :). I’ve learnt to be consistent and blog regularly like Sam Lawrence. It is also important to link to others and post comments on other blogs to be “part of conversation” as Jenny Ambrozek said to me.

2. Has it been worth it? In short NO. When I started this blog my friends said “I don’t understand the point in blogging?”. It has taken me alot of time and I have not gained the benefits blogging can bring. I’ve not enjoyed fame and fortune. But then it is not about money. Perhaps it needs more time as Bill Ives discusses. Wired are saying it is now impossible to get noticed” and it’s better to Tweet, “Twitter’s character limit puts everyone back on equal footing”.

3. Should I continue? I almost threw the towel in during October 2008. What is there to loose? Ranking, readers.. I suppose the real question is ‘do I enjoy it?’. I do. But to keep going I need to remain flexible. So when busy I should write shorter philosophical posts like Euan Semple.

4. What should I change? I’ll keep the banner image and change the sub title to Social Media, Startups and marketing to reflect my writings. I’ll also try new templates and I’ll will change the about me/Who I’m I pages to be a bit more personal.

5. What should I do differently in the future? Write shorter sentences. Use lists like Guy Kawasaki. Cut down on the images. However I can’t help myself and end up inserting several images. Guy Kawaski uses even more pictures than me! I love photo’s of buildings, people, places, etc. A picture says a 1000 words. I’ve taken inspiration from Jeffery Walker’s image rich and humorous posts. I should write Shorter posts. My longer ones are around 500 words and should be 250. This one is now 430 words, oh dear breaking my New Years resolution already. Oh well roll on 2010..



10 Responses to “Learning to blog: Nickpoint 2.0”

  1. Jeffrey Walker Says:

    Nick — Short, long… doesn’t matter. I don’t buy the short-pithy blog theory. My absolute longest blog was my best read. Be yourself. Let your personality through. Oh, and keep the images. And keep the faith, dude. Happy 2009

  2. Nick Barker Says:

    Hi Jeffrey, As always great advice. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. I’ll defiantly keep the images 😉 I’m still trying to get a Laurel and Hardy pic in a post somehow. Though I have managed a Harold Lloyd

    I trust you are keeping healthy, wealth and wise. Sounds like the new Amsterdam office is going well. A prosperous New Year for you and all at Atlassian.

  3. Aadil Mehta Says:

    Hey Nick,
    Thank you for your presentation in class today. It was quite inspirational in the sense that I ve been confused about whether I should go back to my old job after this course or I should not play so safe and start something new.. I guess I’ll never know unless I try..
    I liked what you said about waiting for the perfect opportunity or that perfect Idea.. I ve been looking for one for a while now.. and I guesss it may never come..
    Aadil Mehta
    MBA- Nottingham University

  4. Nick Barker Says:

    Hey Aadil

    I really enjoyed meeting and talking to you all today. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for the feedback you’ve given. I’ve found life is full of uncertainties but also wonderful opportunities waiting to be realised. It is easy to be driven out of fear – fear of failure, fear of lose rather than seeing new opportunities as an enriching learning experience.

    All the best


  5. Sharath Kumar Says:

    Hi Nick

    I am grateful to you for having spent your time with us talking about your journey to that million-dollar idea to shape your business solidly. I quite liked the fact that you did tremendus research as I beieve half-knowledge about the industry is as valueless as no knowledge at all. My only concern was that you did not mention Lady luck as one of your uided factors of opportunity probing at all. Do you think a stroke of luck plays any role in bringing the right timing to your product launch? I see getting closer to luck as being constantly ‘switched on’ toward what is happening around you and being decisive about fishing the right opportunity, threby increasing the probability of your success. The rest is history then! I am a professional programmer myself and have used C# to create and deploy websites for organisations earlier in my career. I think that IT has no ends to its creativity and the what it can do for you. Please keep in touch. I am ready if you need my commitment for anything IT related.

  6. Nick Barker Says:

    Hi Sharath

    It was a pleasure. I really enjoyed the morning. It’s good to be challenged. Research is great but it can become paralysis through analysis if over done. On my post today I linked to a blogger who talks about many startup’s failing because they don’t do anything http://jessicamah.com/blog/?p=641. They think and ponder too much.

    You make a good point on Lady Luck. I hope she does shine in us 🙂 And shine when we really need it. Like helping us to win our first few paying customers. Yes, I agree Luck is probability. Probability is about measured risks. I did talk much about risks at my presentation.

    Even if I did not talk about it I’ve always been a fan of luck and famous quotes: “Chance favours the prepared mind.” (Louis Pasteur) and “You make your own luck” (Hemingway, Ernest).

    You can keep in touch me through this blog and on Twitter (both called Nickpoint)

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment



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  10. PTLLS Course Says:

    In Europe lifelong learning takes now has a different approach, we hope to see more development as a result of new legislation, good luck all teachers!

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