Organic Google search highly trusted with blogging influencing results

In a recent report Forrester Research are advocating an end to corporate blogging. This has resulted in a debate with  of . I agree with Richard that  readers develop trust with individual bloggers over time.  Bill Ives discusses can you trust a blogger in detail. However I also agree with Forrester that corporate blogs are struggling to gain traction. What really caught my eye on the Forrester chart (below) was that search is such a highly trusted information source at 50% and personal/corporate blogs so low at 18/16% respectively.


The question is then is it worth all the effort to produce blogs with such a low trust rate? Well, blogs and search ranking are highly related. In Google ranking research by Marketing Sherpa and published by Hubspot 75% of search readers click on the organic results and the remaining 25% on the sponsored links. Note that Google has a 70% dominance in search. This Google results page shows an eye-tracking heat map that shows where on the page people look and click on the page of search results.

Google’s golden triangle of organic search

One of the best ways to rank highly on organic search is to actively blog and engage with others. I disagree with Forrester’s conclusion. Corporate and personal blogging with a genuine human approach that brings value to the reader can indirectly result in trust  by increasing organic search ranking. 

However it is a major challenge to be in Google’s golden triangle top three position on a popular Google search term. But also consider that most people only read social media with just 1% writing as discussed by Janet Lee Johnson. So if you don’t put in the effort to climb the search ranking engine you’ll never get there.


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2 Responses to “Organic Google search highly trusted with blogging influencing results”

  1. Janet Johnson Says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for another thoughtful post. I agree, there’s no substitute for good organic search rankings, and a content-rich blog can help. It’s amazing how Google’s “golden triangle” has changed over time. It used to be a big fat “F” shape, and has thinned down remarkably. Never before has there been a bigger call for thoughtful blogging to help boost your relevancy.

    But relevant content requires a solid approach to blogging. So we’re both saying blog, but blog with content that makes a difference. Add to the conversations online, and people will trust you.


  2. Nick Barker Says:

    Hey Janet,

    And thank you for your comment. It seems good content is moving more and more towards free educating material i.e. Webinars, whitepaper, surveys, etc. The challenge is thoughtful and useful content takes time to produce i.e. a solid approach. This brings a choice, fully commit to social media marketing or stick with the old ways. We know which side we are on 🙂



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