Scary Gehry

With my new found fascination in modern art academic buildings (as I now work in one) I’ve stumbled upon another one:

Frank Gehry’s Princeton University, USA new Lewis Library (2008)

I’ve always been interested in Man’s symbolic construction projects. They bring structures which are grand, bold and iconic. They also result in designs which can be controversial, excessive and unpractical. The Lewis Library has received some harsh comments on Princeston’s Alumni Weekly. But there are rave reviews from designers.

The Lewis building lead me to find a whole series of Gehry designs scattered across the globe including another acedemic and commercial buildings:

Gehry business education building (2005)Case Western Reserve Cleveland, USA

Walt Disney Concert Hall (2004) Los Angeles, USA

The Rasin Building Prague (1996), Czech Republic

In an interview with Gehry he believes that “architecture is art”. I prefer the Walk Disney design as it seems most fitting for the subject matter. What do you think?


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