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Moving into the state of art

September 26, 2008

We’ve just moved into our brand new offices — purpose built for world domination. Kidding…it’s the new $25m Nottingham University Gateway building and start-up incubator offices. It’s great having new purpose built facilities and to be working in such a grand design.

This bridged building symbolises the Universities link between academia and business. Architects and Academics, they do like to make bold statements. Simon, my co-founder, thinks it looks like a partially sunken 1930’s cruise liner.

Rochester Queen 1930’s Cruise Ship

I thought it looked more like a Moon space station. Perhaps he has a point…what do you think?


Why I love software & design – Viisys & E20portal refresh

September 11, 2008

We recently finished our first website refreshes. Take a look if you have not seen the new and views. It’s great to be able to look back and see progression from our first designs:

First website design released in June 2008.

For the refresh we made heaps of back end and visual changes including whizzy new navigational graphics on the ‘About Enterprise 2.0’ page. On the new front page we now have a wonderful feature rotator which replaces the old dull graphic buttons.

Refresh of August 2008

With our first Viisys holding page we only displayed the logo whereas the new version has a much richer design:

Refresh of August 2008

I have always loved the ability to create and design with software. With a little creative effort and today’s technology it is relatively easy to rapidly produce and publish great imagery. Vive la web 😉

PR is dead — Long live PR

September 1, 2008

Meet Stowe Boyd. You may already know him — he coined the term “social tools” back in 99′ and today has a strong blog following. I met Stowe earlier this year and have just discovered this video, where he says “PR is dead” . Stowe makes some good points on the changing nature of marketing and PR.

On my previous post The Death of Salemen with “Power to the people” I talked about how the sales process is increasingly changing to consumers (business and retail) listening to each other rather than beliving what salespeople say.  In the same way consumers are no longer believing the PR messages sent out by firms. Mass marketing, in particular PR, is increasingly seen as “propaganda”; “lying” and “phony”, says Stowe.

Firms need and have to change. Stowe talks about firms interfacing into or sponsoring existing communities of consumers rather than trying to create new communities. The difficulty is firms often want to own, manage and control communities. This is now very challenging as consumers will go where the conversation is and can/will move easily to a new conversational space. Firms recognise the opportunity for growth with Social Media and the need to change. However they are finding it challenging to find the right voice required to participate in the conversation as I discuss in my post New media channels: Weakness, opportunity or threat?

We are entering a time of change where the old landscape of propaganda PR is dying and a new participatory world of consumers is being born. Stowe refers to the current revolution on the Internet not being matched by the revolution in marketing and “companies will die off if they don’t get it”.