Teamwork wins everytime in business & sport

The Tour of Ireland (ToI) cycle road race started this week with the now legendary British cyclist Mark Cavendish (Cav) winning the first two stages. Cav won an historic four sprint finish stage wins at this years Tour De France (TdF). During the TdF and ToI post stage victory interviews Cav attributed his wins to the support and effort of his team, Team Columbia.

The overall winner of the the 2008 TdF Carlos Sastre was also really well supported by a very strong and well managed Team (CSC). Many non-cyclists don’t realise the importance of teamwork in cycling. Cycling is a team sport. The team helps to shield their best riders from the wind to conserve energy for the finish.

Me & my team (snap, crack & pop..)  on this years amateur Tour of Ireland

I rode the amateur The Kellogg’s Tour of Ireland this year with 220 other riders at the start line. I always really enjoy cycling on the emerald isle. The Irish are such warm, fun and friendly people and the scenery is lovely. It was a wonderful trip with support vehicles, police (Garda) escorts, crowds and closed town centre finishes. It felt like you were a real pro cyclist.

Once again I see the parallels between sport and business. Great success in business and sport is dependant on outstanding teamwork built through trust, sacrifice and commitment.


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