The customer is still King in Enterprise 2.0 supplier convergence

Today the Boston Enterprise 2.0 conference organisers TechWeb issued a vendor press release announcing new product versions to be released at the conference. The event is a great time to maximise the PR opportunities of a new product within a target audience.

However, in all the excitement of supplier convergence at the conference, we can forget the most important party in the equation, the customer! What the Enterprise 2.0 vendors think of each other is really not that important, what matters is what potential customers think and believe. We should not forget that the customer is king.

The war like mantra of competitive products and suppliers can very easily distract our thoughts away from the real and evolving customer’s problems and needs. Fortunately, with the likes of Andrew McAfee, we have an objective view which keeps the big picture in focus. McAfee is firmly focused on the customer’s problems, needs and objections to Enterprise 2.0. McAfee’s excellent interview at the Tokyo Enterprise 2.0 demonstrates this and I highly recommend watching this 40 minute video:

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As my firm’s new product is not within the conference announcement I’m going to plug my company press release on this blog. Like McAfee my firm is also dedicated to understanding and responding to customer needs and problems. When researching the Enterprise 2.0 emerging trend, my co-founder Simon Oxley and I found information on this market fragmented and we have made our start-up mission to build a centralize Enterprise 2.0 informational site (

This site is primarily aimed at customers new to Enterprise 2.0 to highlight the benefits and value that Enterprise 2.0 can bring. It is also a place to find various Enterprise 2.0 resources and whats going on, thus our tag line ‘Everything Enterprise 2.0’. From a vendor point of view the site will be an opportunity to bring new customers into the market and grow the market.

Screen Shot of beta is currently in a closed beta and due for public release on the 8th of June 2008, however if you can’t wait until then drop me an e-mail ( or blog comment with your e-mail and I’ll give you an individual user name and password. The site has its own blog, so my personal reflections on Enterprise 2.0 will remain on this blog to keep the portal views separate.


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2 Responses to “The customer is still King in Enterprise 2.0 supplier convergence”

  1. Susan Scrupski Says:

    Hi Nick. Boy-oh-boy can I relate to this post. On my ITSinsider blog, I write about all the e2.0 grooviness that’s fit to print, but my day job here at nGenera is to “evangelize” about 2.0 with our customers. Our customers include some of the most well-recognized multinationals in the world. It’s always sobering to me to talk with our customers because I realize just how far we have to go before the benefits of mass collaboration and social networking take root in large enterprises. I applaud folks like you who try to make the transition easier and would love an invite to the e20portal. Perhaps we can meet in Boston at the conference and share war stories?

    Hope to see you then, Susan– aka “ITSinsider.”

  2. Nick Barker Says:

    Hi Susan
    From reading your blog I think we are in a similar mind space. Thing is, many of the business problems aren’t going away, in fact they are getting bigger and uglier. It seems to me that the Enterprise 2.0 ‘grooviness’ is not just a hype bubble but the best problem buster we have right now. Even the ‘E2.0 downer’ Davenport as you call him seems to get it, underneath all his impassiveness. The technology and approach may well need to evolve further to address these problems but we seem to be on the right tracks for now.

    Thanks for you support with our endeavour. We see huge opportunities for customers, E2.0 suppliers and our website. I will send you an e-mail to your Susan. Scrupski google address later today with login details for the Portal. It would be great to meet up at the Boston conference. Let me know a time and place for a chat. We can tell you more of our plans and discuss what we can include from nGenera Corp. on

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