Why blogger

A reoccurring question over the last week has been why blog? Afterall, we all have day jobs and any spare time is precious. With 70million worldwide blogs is it now something we need to been seen doing or is it expected of us if you work in certain industries? Things seem to be moving in that direction. They (bloggers) say it ‘s fun and it can be addictive but there are already too many fun things to do on the Internet with communities, auctioning, sharing photo’s, buying stuff. The list goes on and on. So, much fun with so little free time (and money!). One of my co-founders friend’s refers to Facebook as an ‘excellent wast of time’, perhaps blogging can also easily be this.

In my search I have discovered many blogs which have ran out of steam or ones which ramble on and on about not very much. Look I have this new thing-a-me..here I am with a whats-a-name… look how clever I am, etc. You decide which or if I fall into any of these categories. The real benefit of blogging is that you can build stronger direct and personal relationships with important target groups and that sounds very useful indeed. These target groups include family, community, not-for-profit , or business. I run a start-up so where our time is spent is a matter of life or death (for the business, of course) and blogging can help the business with: 

  1. Being an industry expert
  2. Customer Relationships
  3. Media Relations
  4. Internal Collaboration
  5. Knowledge Management
  6. Recruitment
  7. Testing ideas or products

A standard phase we are using ever more reguarly in our start-up is ‘What is the alternative’and in relation to the above points, how else can we achieve these actions? It occurs to me that alternative methods are difficult and expensive and blogging is relatively easy and cheap, however to be effective it needs to be read, and read by alot of people. 100,000 per day is a good target, as you can image I am not quite there yet but with your help…So what is going to get people reading, particularly a target of business people? People like you. Looking at the Times Top 50 blogs from my last post they seem to be lighthearted, informative, humorous, thought provoking and even controversial. Oh, well back to the drawing board. Until next time..



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